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Silane modified liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane




Color White
Elongation After 5 days curing and a 1mm thick membrane, the elongation at break was 400% per DIN 53504
Shore A Hardness 50 per DIN 53505
Water vapour permeability 30gr/m2/hr.(ISO 9932)
Foot traffic After 12 hours for 1mm application thicknesses
Final strengths After 2-5 days, depending on the ambient conditions (temperature-humidity)
Application temperature From +50οC to +40οC
Temperature resistance From -40οC to +80οC
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit value of maximum VOC content per EC (Directive 2004/42 / EC) for the particular product (category A / i ‘One-pack performance coatings’, Type SB): 500gr / lt (2010). The ready to use product contains
maximum 350gr /lt VOC.


 One component liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane of advanced technology, with silane modified resins. Developed with new age mixing technology that creates a unique waterproofing flexible sealing membrane with exceptional mechanical strengths. Its zero absorption of water within the first 24 hours following application, makes it THE innovative elastomeric waterproofer.


DUROSTICK WATERPROOF-PU applies easily on terraces (pic.2-5), flat roofs and planters without any primer when the surfaces are dry, clean and free from loose materials. It is suitable and very effective for applications over joints between chimneys as well as at the base perimeter of skylights with clay roof tiles. It is also the perfect sealing and waterproofing solution for surfaces which already have or will have photovoltaic modules.


1. New surface preparation
Remove from the surface all loose materials and mud using a stiff broom and clean water. Remove any black spots using DUROSTICK D-95 CLEANER or a bleach/water solution, at a mixing ratio 1:1. Continuing, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water. All surfaces must be completely dry. Any contact with water should be avoided for at least 48 hours before application with an aim to prevent trapping surface moisture before the waterproofing of the surface.
2. Existing surface preparation
When dealing with a well adhered existing waterproofing, made with torch down, acrylic or cementitious material, apply DUROSTICK WATERPROOF-PU, without using any primer.
•Detached torch-down roofing: Using a wide roof scraper or a roofing torch, remove all detached asphaltic waterproofing materials.
•Remove detached or deteriorated elastomeric waterproofers, using a wide roofing scraper or other mechanical means.
•Detached elastomeric material, that are not visible, can be found using a garden hose. Pour water on the roof surface from about 1 meter high. Notice the change of the sound the water makes when it hits the detached parts of the waterproofing and mark them. Cut the detached sections using a razor blade and scrape the defective material off.
3. Application
Highly absorbent or unstable, loose surfaces HAVE TO be primed with the DUROSTICK SOLVENT BASE PRIMER, diluted up to 30% with DUROSTICK THINNER 101, using a roller, prior to the waterproofing application. After the primer dries, detect any hairline cracks (0.1 to 0.4mm) and coat them with one to two successive layers of the waterproofing material, until completely sealed. Any larger cracks (over 0.5mm) must be sealed using DUROFLEX-PU of DUROSTICK and after at least 12 hours, proceed with the waterproofing.
Complete the waterproofing by applying the necessary 2 coats over the entire area using the DUROSTICK WATERPROOF-PU. Apply 2 coats at minimum, using an emulsion brush, roller and/or a sprayer (airless sprayer 200 – 250bar). Apply the second coat crosswise, after the first coat completely cures and is walkable.



• Strong adhesion to concrete and plaster, stable even without the use of primer.
• Its final surface is exceptionally durable and resilient; therefore it does not need any kind of additional enhancement of a varnish or any other product.
•Due to its ultra-white color, it is highly reflective to solar radiation.
• Excellent water vapor permeability.
• It does not create bubbles.
• Its flexibility remains unaffected even at -40oC.
• Excellent resistance against mold and algae formation.
• Resistant against corrosive gases in the atmosphere, chlorides, carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides.
• It is not affected (chalking) by UV radiation.
• It offers quick walkability without sticking.
• It is resilient against standing water.
• It does not saponify.
•Due to its unique water repellency, its ultra-white color does not stain from mud rains.


Minimum consumption: 1.0 to 1.3lt/m2 for the necessary 2 coats, depending on the substrate.
1.5 to 2.0lt/m2 for 3 coats, depending on the substrate (15 years warranty).


• Avoid applying the waterproofing if there is chance of rain within the next 24 hours.
• On complete curing, the product is harmless to health and to the environment.



WATERPROOF-PU together with THERMOELASTIC COLOUR functions as a system when they get implemented on the roof and outer walls of a house respectively (in combination with energy efficient door and window frames).
This combination reduces the indoor space temperature up to 20% thus reducing the energy consumption for heating or cooling up to 30%.

Use an amount suitable for creating a film of about 5x10cm of WATERPROOF-PU and equal quantity of another sealant with which we want to compare it. Create two different films of equal thickness, one of each material. Apply them on a smooth, flexible plastic surface (polyethylene or polypropylene). Allow for 48 hours to pass, so the two materials cure. Continue by removing the two films and weigh them on a precision scale. In the next phase, submerge the two films in water containers and let them remain there for a period of one to five days.
Remove both films simultaneously and reweigh them on the same balance accurately.
Calculate the percent increase of the weight of each film, that is directly related to the absorption of water.
Compare the results to find the different absorption in water, of the one and the other material.
You will find that the result would be impressive when it comes to the polyurethane sealant, WATERPROOF-PU (much lower water absorption).


Store in dry places, in the factory sealed package, for 12 months from production date.


After applying the product on a flat roof or a terrace, the installation of tiles or natural stone is not recommended. For such cases DUROSTICK recommends to waterproof the surface prior to the lining installation using one of our cementitious waterproofing products HYDROSTOP FLOOR, D-1, HYDROSTOP WATERTANK, HYDROSTOP ROOF or the 2 COMPONENT HYDROSTOP.


 3.6lt, 18lt containers


Clean all tools using DUROSTICK THINNER 101 or white spirit, immediately after use.