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Water repelling - waterproofing agent for wood surfaces




Form - Color

Polymer dispersion - White, becomes
transparent when dry



Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C


7,0 ± 1,0

Duration of waterproofing

3 years (exterior waterproofing)
6 years (interior waterproofing)

Water absorption coefficient

W≤0,5 kg/m²√h

Odorless, environment friendly

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit value of maximum content of VOC per EU (Directive 2004/42 / EC) for this product (category A/i: ‘One-pack performance coatings, type WB): 140 gr/lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 50 gr/lt VOC.






Water repelling, waterproofing agent, that is suitable for the protection of indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. A waterborne product that its nanomolar structure allows it to penetrate deeply into the wood, regardless of its type or density. It creates a powerful water repellent, invisible protection shield. It provides all wooden surfaces with long life, and protection from strong sunlight and permanent humidity in urban, mountainous, even coastal areas.

Abrasion, impact and other mechanical stresses, will not affect the protection shield provided by NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 to the wood surfaces. Its use will considerably delay any age related deterioration.It does not create a surface firm thus it does not peel nor shine.
It does not affect the look of wood or its transpiration. It prevents any penetration of dirt, so it does not stain or yellow. It is odorless, water soluble, user and environment friendly. It ensures the timeless beauty of any wood surfaces and objects.



Apply NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 on absorbent wood surfaces such as garden furniture, wooden sheds and fences, as well as recreational boat decks and any other wood object that needs long term protection from water.


1. Surface preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, salts, grease and any loose materials.
 2. Application
Apply one even coat throughout the surface, using a brush, a roller or an airless spray gun.
Allow 10-15 minutes to pass and use a damp, soft cloth, to remove any excess material that was not absorbed. When dealing with very absorbent surfaces, apply a second coat while the first one is still wet.
Painted, varnished or coated surfaces are not suitable for applying NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350. The film created on those surfaces does not allow any penetration of the product. In cases there is need to waterproof those surfaces, proceed by completely removing the finishing coat (paint, varnish etc) by using the appropriate grade of sandpaper.  Surfaces waterproofed with NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350, after 24 hours can be treated with a solvent-based wood protection system. Use products such as DUROXYL impregnation preservative, combined with the varnish for wood protection and decoration, DUROLAC or MARINER. Equaly, use the water based wood protection systems, such as the DUROSTICK AQUA series. Stir well before use. The product is ready for use and it does not get diluted.


Clean tools immediately after use with water and if necessary with soap or detergent solution.


1lt/6-8m², depending on the absorbency of the surface.


Store in cool places, protected from frost for at least 24 months from the production date.


The product needs no hazard labeling under current European and national legislation. However, it is recommended to keep away from reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice and show the container or label.



NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 is highly recommended for industrial use as an additive into the pressure treated solutions, applied through wood to protect it. Apply the product at the second-to-last step, during the manufacture of particleboards, to impart water repellent properties of the final product.



Carton box with 12 pcs. of 750ml each one
2.5lt container