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Brushable cementitious waterproofing mortar for roof ridges and clay planters




(Measurement conditions: 20 °C and 50% RH)

Form - Color

Cementitious powder - brick red

Toxic/Flammable (per EN 88/379)


Bulk density of dry mortar

1.10±0.05 kg/lt

Bulk density of fresh mortar

1.60±0.05 kg/lt

Maximum grain diameter

0.6 mm

Water requirement

1.5 lt water in 5 kg powder

Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C

Temperature resistance

From -20 °C to +70 °C

Pot life

45 minutes

Coat thickness

1 mm per coat

Watertightness per DIN 1048*

To water pressure up to 7atm (kg/cm²)


Strength after 28 days per EN 196-1 to:

  • Flexion

7.5±1.0 N/mm2

  • Compression

35.00 ± 1.00 Ν/mm²

Permeability SD to CO2,
per EN 1062-6 

SD > 50m

Water vapor permeability SD,
per ΕΝ ΙSO 7783-2:

SD < 5m [ class Ι, (water vapor permeable)]

Capillary water absorption w ,
per ΕΝ 1062-3 :

w < 0.1 kg/m2.h 0,5

Adhesion to concrete, per ΕΝ 1542:

> 1.20 N/mm²

*Laboratory testing by the Ministry of Environment & Buildngs 516868/872,
 ΚDEP 530/58899


Brushable cementitious sealing mortar, suitable for application on all indoor or outdoor surfaces made of cement and clay. It provides waterproofing and protection to treated surfaces under adverse weather conditions. Available in brick red colour. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.


1. Clay tiled roof protection, sealing of cracks
DUROSTICK D-9 is suitable for the preventive waterproofing of the exposed ridge and roof ledges and ceramic pots,mortar.
It is also suitable for the coverage of potential surface capillary cracks and cracked tiles. The addition of the acrylic emulsion, D-20 or DUROSTOP of DUROSTICK in the mixing water at a ratio of 1: 1, increases its adhesion and flexibility. It prevents the creation of new cracks surface due to expa-nsions and contractions.
2. Salts seepage through planters
Ceramic pots, planters and clay jars expel moisture and salts after watering of the plants. That results in the appearance of unattractive white stains on the external surfaces of the pots. The application of D-9, on the inside of the pots, prevents the seepage of salts without affecting the plants.



1. Surface preparation
Clay tiled roof: 48 hours after completion of the tiled roof, thoroughly soak the exposed ridge and roof ornament mortar.
Ceramic pots, planters and clay jars should be clean and free from dirt, dust, loose materials and thoroughly soaked to achieve increased adhesion of D-9.
2. Application
Empty the mortar in a clean container with 1.5lt of cool water. Mix with a low rpm electric drill until a lump free, homogeneous paste is formed. The mixture must be thick enough so it does not drip.
The mixture remains workable for the next 45 minutes.
Apply 3 coats of 1mm thick each one. Allow for 1-2 hours between coats. If any coat dries out, soak the surface again.
Recently coated surfaces should be protected from high temperatures, rain and frost for the next 48 hours.


1.3 kg/m²/mm thickness coat.


Store in tightly closed packages, in dry and shaded places for a minimum of 12 months after production date.


The product contains Portland cement. Before using, refer to the cautions on the product’s package or in the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Carton box with 4 bags of 5kg each one