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Waterproofing agent for clay roofing tiles, decorative ceramic bricks & clay pots




Form - Color

Liquid - Transparent


1.01±0.08 kg/lt

Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C


After 4 hours at 20°C

Water absorption coefficient

W≤0.5 kg/m²√h

Odorless, non flammable, environmently friendly


Silicone based, clear impregnation waterproofing agent. It is suitable for protecting clay tiled roofs and lined building facades. The product is solvent free and maintains breathability of the surfaces it is applied.
It does not create any surface film. It does not affect the color of the surfaces applied on, and does not shine or yellow.
It protects surfaces from moisture absorption for at least 10 years. It prevents cracks from prolonged snow and frost exposure. It does not favor mold creation, lichens and mildew, while preventing mudrain built up.


DUROSTICK D-59 applies on porous, alkaline or else substrates. It covers hairline cracks of up to 0.2mm clay tiled roofs and decorative ceramic bricks. It is also suitable for clay pots and cement tiles as well as cement boards and decorative concrete blocks etc.If the surface were previously waterproofed with another product, it is not recommended to apply this product. During application, the second coat must be applied necessarily while the first coat is still wet. Make sure that each coat is applied evenly so as it does not pool to the surface. It is necessary to follow these instructions.
Non-compliance may lead to the creation of white stains on the clay tiled surfaces that will affect its aesthetics.


1. Surface preparation
All surfaces must be absorbent, clean and free from mudrain deposits, dust, mold etc. Clay roof tiles and decorative bricks affected by mold, moss (algae, black spots) must be cleaned thoroughly. Use the mold repelling, strong detergent DUROSTICK D-95 CLEANER with a pressure washer, or scrub the surfaces with a stiff broom. During application, cover any adjacent sensitive surfaces and plants.
2. Application
Shake the container well, before use. Use a roller, a wide brush or a sprayer from a distance of 30-40cm away to apply the product. Apply one coat to saturation or two successive ‘wet-on-wet’ coats.



Clean all tools with water, immediately after use.


200-400 ml/m², depending on the absorption of the surface.


Store in cool places, protected from frost for a minimum of 12 months after production date.


The product is classified as irritant. It is recommended to be kept away from the reach of children. Before use, refer to the cautions on the product’s package or in the Material Safety Data Sheet.


•It is possible that ceramics with high lime content develop shadows during the application. These will disappear after the product has dried
•After drying, the product is harmless to health.


Carton box with 15 pcs. of 1lt each one
5lt container