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Flexible fiber reinforced cementitious sealant for cracks from 1-15mm




(Measurement conditions: 23 °C and 50% RH)


Cementitious powder


Off white

Toxic/flammable (per ΕΝ 88/379)


Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C

Temperature resistance

From -35°C to +90°C

Pot life

2 hours

Bulk density of dry mortar


Bulk density of fresh mortar


Water requirement

75ml water in 250gr powder
1.5lt water in 5kg powder

Maximum grain size

0.5 mm

Expansion and contraction capability

Approximately 10% at 5mm

Chroride ion content per En 1015-17



Strength for 28 days, per ΕΝ 12190, in:

• Flexion:

5.00 ± 1.00 Ν/mm²


16.0 ± 1.00 Ν/mm²

Adhesion to concrete, per ΕΝ 1542:

> 1.40 N/mm²

Adhesion after 50 freeze-thaw
cycles, per ΕΝ 13687-1:

≥ 1.20 N/mm2

Capillary water absorption w
per ΕΝ 13057:

w < 0.5 kg/m2.h 0,5


New generation, vinyl based sealant in powder form. Reinforced with glass microspheres, highly thixotropic and flexible presents zero shrinkage and strong adhesion to any porous or non- porous surface.
It offers long term protection and it is water repellent. it remains unaffected by frost or permanent moisture, even standing water, combining its excellent sealing and waterproofing action. It does not crack while curing, even when filling depths of 20mm per coat.
Can be colored when mixed with DUROCOLOR POWDER-C pigments, at a mixing ratio of 3% by weight. Create 96 permanent colors or simply paint with emulsion and acrylic paints, 24 hours after its application. Certiffied as repair mortar, under the category PCR R2, per EN 1504-3.

DUROSTICK SUPER FLEX POWDER is suitable for a multitude of applications, both for professional and residential use.
It seals without shrinkage or peeling joints or cracks, on plaster (pic.1), concrete and stone. It will also seal tile grout, marble and glass brick joints, as well as cracks and joints on clay roof tiles, decorative bricks etc.
Exceptional for applications both indoors and out.
Indispensable for sealing around door and window frames, made of iron, aluminum or wood (pic.2).
Effective for the repair of small cracks, created between dissimilar materials such as plaster and concrete with stone or ceramics. It also repairs ceilings surfaces without sagging.
Seal existing, worn out decorative brick joints as well as natural stone joints (stone houses and walls) effectively. Make the application easier by using, DUROSEAL 600, Professional Cartridge and ‘Sausage’ Barrel Gun, or DUROSTICK BLANK CARTRIDGE.



1. Surface preparation
Surfaces must be clean, free from loose materials, dust and grease. Soak the surface before the application of the product.

2. Application
Empty as much powder as needed into a clean container with cool water, at a ratio of 3 parts powder to 1 part water. Mix using a putty knife or, for larger quantities, a low speed electric mixer, until a lump free, homogenous mass is created.
Apply the product using a wetted flexible taping knife and press the product into the void, until its filled.
Smooth out any imperfections with a small putty knife or the application knife used prior to this. Before the surface dries, smooth  it out using a damp, plastering sponge float.



Indicatively 250gr fill 6 linear meters of a 5x5mm joint.


Clean all tools with water, immediately after use.


Store in tightly closed bags, in dry places, for at least 12 months after production date.


The product contains cement. Before use, read the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


After hardening, the product is harmless to health and the environment.


Carton box with 12 small bags of 250gr each one
Carton box with 4 bags of 5kg each one