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Acrylic polymer



Application temperature

From +5°C to +40°C

Temperature resistance

From -20°C to +75°C


1.56 gr/ml

Shore-A hardness (3s)

50 per DIN 53505

Elongation at break

700% per DIN 53504

Joint movement capability

Approximately 10%

Skin formation time

5 minutes

Drying time

1-2 hours (touch dry), depending on the
ambient temperature and humidity

Curing time

One-three days, depending on the depth of the joint and the humidity


White color, solvent free sealant, which is nearly odorless. It presents high, long lasting flexibility. It offers strong adhesion, even to porous surfaces (plaster, concrete), without the need for priming. It presents great resistance to ageing. It is not affected by alkalis. Paintable, when it is fully cured.


DUROSTICK CAULK is suitable for flexible sealing at various construction applications, such as crack or joint filling, with widths ranging from 1-20mm. It adheres to almost every building component, such as concrete, plaster and gypsum, clay bricks, wood, as well as aluminum and iron, etc. It is suitable for crack filling and the covering of hairline cracks on walls, after priming, and prior to painting with emulsion or acrylic paints. Existing joints with worn-out sealants can be renewed using DUROSTICK CAULK, after the existing sealant has been removed from the joint, and substrates made stable. It is highly recommended for aluminum frame installations and various carpentry projects. It is suitable for the perimeter joint sealing of window (pic.1) and door casings, on concrete or plastered walls. Once dry, it creates a, ready to be painted, surface. Apply using a small putty knife, for the covering of surface cracks of 0.5-1mm width, on flat roofs to be waterproofed with elastomeric waterproofers (DUROSTICK No39 or DS-220).


•Not recommended for surfaces permanently immersed in water. •When painting over it outdoors, the use of elastomeric or acrylics paints, like D-80 HYDROSTOP ELASTIC and THERMOELASTIC COLOUR, is highly recommended to avoid cracking on the surface of the paint.


DUROSTICK recommends that for the perimeter supporting and sealing of wood, aluminum, and PVC frames alike, both indoors but mostly outdoors, to use the elastomeric sealant and adhesive DS-POLYMER, available in 32 colors (ideal for colored aluminum items).


Indicatively, one 280ml cartridge fills 8 linear meters of 6x6mm joint.


Store in places protected from frost, for at least 12 months from production date.


The product needs no hazard labeling under current European and national legislation. However it is recommended to keep away from the reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice and show the container or label.


Carton box with 25 cartridges of 280ml each one


1. Surface preparation
The substrates must be sound, dry, clean, free from dust and oils. Widen loose joints using a putty knife and remove the dust thoroughly using a brush.
2. Application
Insert the cartridge into the DUROSTICK PROFESSIONAL GRADE CARTRIDGE GUN. Cut the nozzle on a slant and fill the joint gradually, by tilting the gun at a 45° angle in relation to the joint, making sure that air is not trapped under the sealant. Use masking tape before applying the sealant around the perimeter of frames and filling the joints with DUROSTICK CAULK. Smooth with your finger, after wetting it. Remove the masking tape before the product is set.


Painting over DUROSTICK CAULK with emulsion or acrylic paints mixed with a large amount of pigments, may cause cracks on the surface of the paint. DUROSTICK recommends the use of elastomeric paints, like D-80 HYDROSTOP ELASTIC for example.


Clean all tools and the nozzle with water, immediately after use.