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High-adhesion polyurethane elastomeric sealant






Form - Color

Slurry-White, Gray

Application temperature

From +5 °C to +30 °C

Temperature resistance

From -30 °C to +80 °C



Skin formation time

15-20 minutes

Joint movement capability



With elastomeric paints


Shore Hardness A (3s)

20 per DIN 53505

Modulus Of Elasticity 100%

0.2 MPa (N/mm2) (DIN 53504)

Elongation at break

>600% (according to DIN 53504)


One component, polyurethane based, elastomeric joint filler. It presents strong adhesion on smooth surfaces without priming. It does not grease the surface it’s applied on; it has exceptional mechanical strengths, and withstands sun and snow. It remains unaffected by potable or sea (salt) water, it is paintable and is effective for sealing joints of 6-30mm wide and of 3-15mm deep. On very porous surfaces, prime using DUROSTICK PRIMER-PU.


DUROFLEX-PU is suitable for high quality flexible seals, for a multitude of applications:
• Covering expansion joints in buildings, airport runways, cement pipe joints and precast concrete walls.
• Joint sealant for window and door frames made of aluminum, metal, PVC and wood.
• Perimeter building seals of the outdoor joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• Preserving the installation and sealing of the lined surface, both indoors and out, by sealing the expansion joints (pic.1). It also protects all termination points of the floor tiles, at their junctions with walls or parapets (pic.2), as well as around all balcony walls, before skirting installation.
• Sealing of metal and wood rails at the penetration (contact) points with marble (pic.5), natural stone or concrete slabs on roofs, as well as balconies and walls.
• Shipyard applications use it on every flexible seal or adhering polyester with wood, stainless steel and/or aluminum



1. Surface preparation
The substrate must be sound, dry, clean and free from grease and loose paint. On concrete or plaster surfaces, use a wire brush and/or vacuum cleaner or compressed air, and brush, to remove all loose materials and dust from the sides of the joints. The depth of the joint is determined by one half of its width, and it is adjusted by using the backer rod, DUROSTICK DS-265, made of expanded polyethylene, where necessary. Use masking tape at the edge of the joints to contain the sealant at the appropriate width. For better adhesion and an unbreakable bond of the DUROFLEX-PU, prime using PRIMER-PU of DUROSTICK, all porous materials such as wood, marble, natural and artificial stone, and clay roofing tiles. Metal surfaces should be cleaned with, either white spirit or DUROSTICK THINNER 101. Gloss surfaces such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel, etc., do not require any priming.
2. Application
It is recommended to use, either DUROFLEX-PU in cartridge form, together with the DUROSTICK Professional Cartridge Gun, or use it the ‘sausage’ form, together with the DUROSTICK DUROSEAL 600, the professional cartridge and ‘sausage’ barrel gun. Cut the nozzle diagonally, and guide the cartridge at a 45° angle in relation to the joint. Make sure that the joint is filled completely without trapping any air and that the sealant is in full contact with the sides of the joint. If specified, and while the sealant has not set yet, spray its surface with a mixture of water and some dishwashing detergent, and smooth the surface using your finger.
Surfaces primed with PRIMER-PU, have to be sealed after an hour, the earliest, to three hours, the latest, after its application. Any residue on the hands can be removed, before the product completely cures,using the biodegradable cream for cleaning hands, BIOCLEAN of DUROSTICK.
Any residues on the surfaces have to be cleaned with acetone, following all manufacturer instructions.


Clean all the tools with white spirit or DUROSTICK THINNER 101, immediately after use.


Indicatively a cartridge will fill



4 x 6 mm


6 x 6 mm


8 x 6 mm


12 x 8 mm


16 x 10 mm


20 x 12 mm



Store in dry and cool places, in the original sealed packaging for at least 12 months after production date.


The product is classified as harmful. It is recommended to keep away from the reach of children. Before use, refer to the cautions on the product packaging or in the Material Safety Data Sheet.


After hardening, the product is harmless to health.


Carton box with 12 cartridges of 310ml each one
Carton box with 15 ‘sausage’ tubes of 600ml each one