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Waterproofing agent for grout joints




Form - Color

Liquid - Transparent


0.77±0.04 kg/lt



Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C

Temperature resistance

From -30 °C to +80 °C

Transpiration potential

At least 80% of the initial

Foot traffic

After 12 hours

Duration of watertightness

2 years (exterior waterproofing)
5 years (interior waterproofing)


Water absorption coefficient

W≤0,5 kg/m²√h

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds):
Limit value of maximum VOC content according to EC (Directive 2004/42/ΕC) for the particular product (class Α/h: «Binding primers», Type SB): 750 gr/lt (2010). Ready to use product contains maximum 691 gr/lt V.O.C.


Siloxane based, clear impregnation liquid, with high penetrating ability (micro technology). Suitable for the protection and waterproofing of cementitious tile grouts, especially from moisture and frost.
It does not form a surface skin and it does not block breathability. It is unaffected by frequent cleaning with household cleaners and it maintains the vibrant colors of the grouting material. It prevents stains from coffee, wine and soft drinks, oil, ink, as well as pet stains, mud and mud rain etc. High temperatures and frost result in expansions and contractions, which lead to hairline cracks on the grouting materials. Apply two coats of D-16, to waterproof and seal all cracks thus preventing all moisture and water penetrations.


D-16 protects grouts effectively from salt discharges that get generated from moisture penetration into the tile joints. Its convenient container assists the product’s application on the grouting of tiles, granite, natural and artificial stones as well as glass blocks. Apply the product at least 20 days after the completion of the grouting stage.


1. Surface preparation
Clean all grout joints thoroughly using a damp sponge.
If the grout is heavily stained, use the biodegradable tile and grout cleaner, DUROSTICK BIOCLEAN. When dealing with construction residues, use DUROSTICK ACID CLEANER (allow at least 20 days after the grouting completion).
Shake the container well and use a pin to make a small hole on the top of the spout of the container. Do not use a knife or scissors, because a bigger size hole will prevent the control of the flow, during application.

2. Application
Apply some pressure to the container, to allow just enough product to flow through the spout, to coat the grout joint. The second coat is applied while the first one is still wet. If some residue is formed during application, clean it using a dry, soft lint free cloth while the product is still wet. If dried, clean by using some acetone.



1lt/25-50m² per coat, depending on the dimension of the tiles and the width of the joint.


Store in shaded places away from any heat source, for at least 18 months after production date.


The product is classified as harmful. It is recommended to keep away from the reach of children and apply in well ventilated areas. Before use, refer to the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


• If there are any hairline cracks on the grout, it is recommended to apply 2 additional coats, wet on wet.
• The application of D-16 should be done no less than 20 days after grouting.
• The product, after drying, is harmless to health.


Carton box with 15 pcs. of 500ml each one
Carton box with 15 pcs. of 1lt each one