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Improving additive for tile adhesives and grouts




Form - Color

Emulsion - White, becomes transparent when dry


1.02±0.04 kg/lt

Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C

Friendly to the environment, solvent free



Styrene-butadiene based emulsion additive. When added to cementitious adhesives, as well as tile and marble grouts, it improves their properties.
It is mainly used for increased flexibility and adhesion, to improve waterproofing and resistance to abrasion.


The addition of DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION into tile adhesives, it is strongly recommended for outdoor installations of uncovered areas that are subjected to expansions and contractions. It is also necessary for installations on surfaces with radiant heating, and non absorbent surfaces.
Ideal for tile installations permanently exposed to moisture, such as swimming and athletic pools, fountain, car washes etc. Adding acrylic polymers into tile adhesives, depending on the ratio of the addition, will dramatically improve their technical specifications, so as to comply with the requirements of both S1 & S2 classes (deformable adhesives), per ΕΝ 12002.
The addition of DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION into grouts, increases their flexibility and adhesion to the sides of the tiles. It also increases their waterproofing abilities, and resistance to acidic cleaners, as well as chlorinated and salt (sea) water. Absolutely necessary for substrates subjected to expansions, contractions and vibrations such as lofts with wooden substrates. It is also recommended as a primer for absorbent substrates and aircrete and for the stabilization of brittle floor cement screeds.
Furthermore, it significantly contributes to the preservation of darker color grouts from discoloring.


The addition of DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION into the mixing water for tile adhesives and grouts, yields moderate flexibility (1 part emulsion to 2 parts water), and medium flexibility (1 part emulsion to 1 part water).
Optionally, substitute all water for emulsion to achieve maximum deformability.



Dilution Ratio: 1 part Acrylic emulsion: 1 part water, up to 1:2, depending on the application.


Store in shaded places protected from frost, for at least 36 months after production date.


The product is corrosive and an irritatant to the respiratory system. Recommended to keep locked away from the reach of children and apply in well ventilated areas. Before use, refer to the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


• Before use, shake the container well.
•The addition of the product into grout increases its adhesion, thus requiring an additional effort from the tradesman to clean any residue from absorbent tiles or cotto.
•Coat absorbent tiles (2 coats) with the waterproofing and oil repellent product, DUROSTICK D-29 SPOT FREE (penetrating, clear siloxane liquid), to prevent staining of the surface and assist the cleaning process.


Carton box with 15 pcs. of 1lt each one
5lt, 20lt containers