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Sanded 5-20mm




(Measurement conditions: 23°C and 50% RH)


Cementitious powder


4 permenant colors
with extra color-mixing abilities

Toxic/flammable (per ΕΝ 88/379)


Bulk density of dry mortar

1.45±0.05 kg/lt

Bulk density of fresh mortar

1.80±0.05 kg/lt

Water requirement

0.8 to 1.1lt water to 5kg powder,
depending on the color

Application temperature

From +5°C to +35°C

Temperature resistance

From -30°C to +80°C

Pot life

3 hours

Grouting time
after tile bonding

4 - 8 hours on walls, 24 hours on floors,
2-3 hours for fast settng adhesive on floors,
1 hour for fast setting adhesive on walls

Foot traffic

After 8 hours

Abrasion resistance per ΕΝ 12808-2

≤1,000 mm³

Acid resistance

Excellent when pH>3 (thinned)


Strength for 28 days, per ΕΝ 12808-3, in:

• Flexion

6.00±0.80 N/mm²

• Compression

38.00±1.50 N/mm²

Adhesion after 25 freeze-thaw cycles, per ΕΝ 12808-3, in:

• Flexion

6.00±0.80 N/mm²

• Compression

38.00±1.50 N/mm²

Shrinkage per ΕΝ 12808-4

≤1 mm/m

Water absorption per ΕΝ 12808-5:

• after 30 minutes

≤2 gr

• after 240 minutes

≤5 gr


Cementitious colored grout with selected quartz aggregates, reinforced with special acrylic polymer resins.
The resulting finish surface of the grout is vitreous/porcelain-like and water repelling, while it does not allow for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. It applies easily and cleans rapidly, presenting exceptional color stability and uniformity. It is resistant to both moisture and abrasion.
Classified CG2/WAr per EN 13888


1. Surface preparation
Remove from the tile surface all adhesive residues and clean the grout joints with a damp sponge. For outdoor areas, it is recommended that on every 16-20m², we create and prime the expansion joints with PRIMER-PU and after 2-3 hours, we apply the elastomeric polyurethane sealant DUROFLEX-PU to fill them out.
It is highly recommended that perimeter expansion joints of 5-8mm are created as well.
Create expansion joints between the tiles and vertical surfaces, and fill in the same way as described above, thus reducing the compression of the joints from expansions and contractions.
Alternatively apply DS-POLYMER, available in 32 shades (same with the grout colors of DUROSTICK), to ensure sealing without cracking at the junction of the tiles with the skirting and above it as well. For floors with radiant heating, it is recommended to create expansion joints every 20m², by also using DS-POLYMER.
Use DS-POLYMER, available in 32 colors, to prevent the appearance of hairline cracks on the surface of the grouting material, and the consequent detachment of tiles.

2. Application
Empty the powder into a clean container with cool water, at a ratio of 0.8-1.1lt of water to 5kg of powder, and mix with a low speed electric mixer, until a lump free, homogenous mass is created. Allow the mixture to mature for 5-10 minutes and mix periodically, without adding extra water.
Apply the grout using a grouting float working diagonally towards the grout joints, without leaving any gaps or residue.
When the grout begins to set, remove the residue using a damp sponge.
Finally, when the material cures completely, clean/shine the surface with a dry cotton cloth. The addition of DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION in the mixing water, at a ratio of two parts water to one part emulsion, increases its impermeability and resistance to temperature variations (balconies, terraces, radiant heating).


Suitable for grouting widths from 5-20mm, and rough surface tiles, rustic and cotto, decorative bricks as well as natural and artificial stones, for floors and walls, indoors and out.


• When grouting coarse, absorbent or else, natural or artificial stones, using the versatile DUROSEAL 600 gun, helps to create only minimum excess material and the easy cleaning of the surfaces.
• Avoid grouting at temperatures above 35°C when the surface is exposed to sunlight, thus preventing cracking.
If this is unavoidable, cover with wet burlap or polystyrene panels the still wet grouted surface.
• When working with rustic or absorbent cotto (terracotta) tiles, apply 2 coats of the waterproofing and oil repelling product, DUROSTICK D-29 SPOT FREE, to avoid staining from the residues of the grout. For the application, use the ‘wet-on-wet’ method
• Allow 20 days to pass before cleaning all debris and grout residues, using the DUROSTICK ACID TILE CLEANER, but only when the tiles are not absorbent.


The product contains Portland cement. Before using, refer to the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Store in tightly closed packages, in dry and shaded places for at least 12 months after production date.


Carton box with 4 pcs. of 5kg each one, on 1,000kg pallet.


DUROSTICK grouts are available in a variety of colors able to meet every styling requirement in relation with the lining. Furthermore, it is possible to color the DUROSTICK grouts, using the DUROCOLOR POWDER-C system. Color the white grouts based on the existing color chart or experiment creating unique colors or shading combinations.


Clean all tools with water, immediately after use.


The following table is the indicative consumption, depending on the width and the depth of the joint, as well as the dimensions of the tiles.