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Self levelling fast setting cement screed for levelling floors, for thicknesses of 3-30mm




(Measurement conditions: 23 °C and 50% R.H.)

Form - Color

Cementitious powder - Gray
Toxic/flammable (per ΕΝ 88/379) No
Maximum grain diameter 2mm

Water requirement

5.5lt water in 25kg powder

Coat thickness


Bulk density of dry mortar

1.45±0.05 kg/lt

Bulk density of fresh mortar

2.10±0.05 kg/lt

Application temperature

From +5 °C to +35 °C

Temperature resistance

From -30 °C to +80 °C

Setting time (self-levelling)

60 minutes

Foot traffic

After 3 hours

Can be coated

After 1-3 days, depending on the application thickness and the ambient temperature

Pot life

30-40 minutes.


Flexural strength, per EN 13892-2, in:

•24 hours

4,50±0,50 N/mm2

•7 days

6,00±0,50 N/ mm2

•28 days

16,00±1,00 N/ mm2

Compressive strength, per ΕΝ 13892-2, in:

•24 hours

18,50±1,00 N/mm2

•7 days

35,00±1,00 N/mm2

•28 days

51,50±1,00 N/ mm2

Adhesion strength, per ΕΝ13892-8 in:

•28 days ≥2,0±0,10 Ν/mm²
Wear resistance BCA per ΕΝ 13892-4 152±20 μm



Pourable, self levelling cement screed, for thicknesses from 3-30mm. It is fast setting and curing, without any shrinkage cracks.
Distinguished for its high mechanical strengths against abrasion, compression and impacts. Also distinguished for its strong adhesion to any mineral substrate. It presents excellent rheology, workability and has the ability to be pumped.
Classified CT-C50-F15-AR2 per EN 13813.


DUROSTICK D-64 is ideal for the rapid levelling of floors made of concrete, cement screed or existing mosaics, with a coating of up to 30mm thick. The newly created level floor can be lined with marble, tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet, hardwood flooring, decorative pressed cement screed etc. It is the ideal solution for preparing substrates to accept heavy loads (weights) and heavy traffic. It is also ideal for flooring with radiant heating, providing that the expansion joints of the substrate/slab are maintained throughout.
DUROSTICK D-64 yields a smooth, durable finish surface with abrasion resistant properties, naturally making it the ideal choice for new, indoor floor linings, in shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, exhibition centers, as well as a finish surface for basement floors, lofts etc.


1. Surface preparation
Make sure substrates are stable and firm, without cracks, gaps and are free from loose materials, dust, oil, grease. The substrate should be primed using DUROSTICK micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or the acrylic emulsion D-20, diluted with water, at a ratio of 1:1, before applying the product. The consumption of D-20 is 1lt/5m2. Pour the product while the emulsion is still fresh.
2. Application
Empty DUROSTICK D-64 into a clean container with cool water, at a ratio of 5.5lt water to 25kg powder, and mix with a low speed electric mixer, until a lump free, homogenous mass is created. Allow the mixture to mature for 1-2 minutes and mix again. Starting from a corner, apply the product using a floor squeegee or a wide notched trowel, thus helping distribute the product evenly on the entire floor. Remove any air bubbles using a wide, stiff street broom or a spiked floor roller.



• For surfaces greater than 50m², it is necessary to create expansion joints every 20-25m², thus avoiding future cracks on the surface. The joints should be primed with PRIMER-PU and sealed using DUROFLEX-PU of DUROSTICK.
• Do not use the product when it begins to set. The mixture should not get remixed with additional water.
• Protect the fresh finish surface from frost and high temperatures. It is recommended that the fresh surface should be soaked for the next 24 hours.
• The product, after hardening, is harmless to health and the environment.


Approximately 1.7kg/m2/mm thick coat.


Store in tightly closed packages, in dry and shaded places for at least 8 months after production date.


The product contains Portland cement. Before using, refer to the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Paper bag of 25kg on 1,200kg pallet.


Clean all tools and equipment with water, immediately after use.