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100% Vinyl acrylic tile adhesive




(Measurement conditions: 23 °C and 50% RH)

Form - Color

Cementitious powder - White

Toxic/Flammable (per ΕΝ 88/379)


Bulk density of dry mortar


Vertical slip per ΕΝ 1308

<0.2 mm

Water requirement

7 lt water per 25kg mortar

Application temperature

From +5°C to +35°C

Temperature resistance

From -35°C to +90°C

Application thickness Up to 20mm

Pot life

7 hours

Open time per ΕΝ 1346

30 minutes

Time for minor adjustments

35 minutes


After 4-8 hours on wall; after
24 hours on floor

Foot traffic

After 24 hours

Delivery to use

After 12-14 days


Strength after 28 days, per ΕΝ 196-1, in:

• Flexion

8.50±0.50 N/mm²

• Compression

20.50±0.80 N/mm²

Adhesion strength, per ΕΝ 1348, after:

• 28 days

2.30 N/mm²

Thermal ageing at +70 °C

1.90 N/mm²

Water immersion for 21 days

1.70 N/mm²

• 25 freeze - thaw cycles

1.60 N/mm²

Deformability S per ΕΝ 12002


The experimental measurements were performed per EN 12004, in the Chemical Laboratory of DUROSTICK and were confirmed by the measurements of initial type from the ZUS institute(No 0100-28453/28692). The following instrumentation was used: • Flexion-compression: CONTROLS MCCC66 • Detachment: BRAIVE DYNATEST
• NOTE: The product exceeds on average the statutory requirements for C2 adhesive by 85%.


High performance, white cementitious adhesive, fortified with vinyl acrylic resins. Distinct for its high thixotropy, flexibility, and its zero vertical slip.
Resistant to permanent moisture and frost. Allows for coatings of up to 20mm, without ‘sagging’, while it has an extended open time. Classified C2TE S1 per EN 12004 and EN 12002.


Installing tiles on high stress areas (balconies, terraces, swimming pools, garages) requires the use of high quality adhesives because, besides the assurance they provide, their cost is comparatively very small to the value of the tiles and the installation cost.


EXTRA POWER is ideal for bonding larger size, low and non absorbent tiles and granite, on external building facades (pic.4). It is necessary for adhering very hard and resilient tiles, like klinker, gres, porcellanato, porcellanato smaltato and ceramic or glass mosaics. Distinguished for its resistance to expansions and contractions indoors, related to radiant heating, as well as outdoor spaces, with strong temperature variations, like balconies, patios and terraces.
Its durability and resilience makes it stand out for installations in areas with permanent moisture, such as swimming pools (pic.2), fountains, bathrooms (pic.3), showers, etc. It is suitable for heavy traffic areas such as car showrooms, airport terminals, shopping malls, super markets, as well as dining rooms, and public areas. It is ideal for every kind of stable substrate, such as cement screeds, brushable cementitious substrates, prefabricated concrete walls, existing tiles, terrazzo and mosaic, as well as marble, aircrete or gypsum and marble based top coats. Its high thixotropy allows for wall tile installations top down. Adding DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION in the mixing water, at a ratio of 1:1, improves its technical characteristics, so as to meet the requirements of S2 class (highly deformable adhesive), per ΕΝ 12002.


1. Surface preparation
The application surface have to be sound, clean, free of loose materials, dust, paint, grease and oil.  The surface have to be soaked before the application. It is necessary to prime all absorbent substrates and aircrete, using DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20, at a mixing ratio of 1:1 with water. It is necessary to prime all drywall using the DUROSTICK micromolar stabilizer, AQUAFIX or SOLVENT BASED PRIMER. Lightweight or else, unstable cement screeds, must necessarily be primed with DUROSTICK ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20 at a ratio of 1part additive to 2 parts water or 1 part DUROMAX to 5 parts water.
Follow all balconies, terraces, bathrooms, showers and swimming pool applications by coating the substrate with HYDROSTOP FLOOR, with 2-3 successive, crosswise layers to ensure the waterproofing of the substrate.

2. Application
Empty the adhesive into a clean container with cool water at a ratio of 2 parts water to 5 parts powder (7-7.5lt water to 25kg powder) and mix with a low speed, electric mixer until a lump free, homogenous mass is created.
Allow the mixture to mature for 5-10 minutes. During use mix periodically, without adding extra water. Apply the adhesive using a notched trowel, and spread on the substrate.Then, coat as much surface as is required to work for the next 15-30 minutes (depending on weather conditions), thus avoiding skin formation. Finally, install the tiles in the selected position by tapping softly with a rubber mallet.


Installing tiles on high stress areas (balconies, terraces, swimming pools, garages) requires the use of high quality adhesives because, besides the assurance they provide, their cost is comparatively very small to the value of the tiles and the installation cost.



3-5kg/m², depending on the size of the notch of the trowel, the smoothness of the substrate and the dimensions of the tiles.


Clean all tools with water, immediately after use.


Store in tightly closed packages, in dry and shaded places for a minimum of 12 months after production date.


The product contains Portland cement. Before using, refer to the cautions on the product’s package or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Paper bag of 25kg on 1,500kg pallet