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Waterproof liquid tile adhesive




(Measurement conditions: 23°C and 50% RH)

Form - Color

Acrylic paste-White

Bulk density

1.55±0.08 kg/lt

Application temperature

From +5°C to +35°C

Temperature resistance

From -30°C to +100°C for 2 hours

Open time per ΕΝ 1346

≥30 minutes

Time for minor adjustments

≥30 minutes

Vertical slip per ΕΝ 1308

<0.5 mm

Detachment resistance per ΕΝ 1348

>2.0 N/mm2

Adhesion through shearing after thermal
ageing at +70 °C per ΕΝ1324

>1.0 Ν/mm²

Wall grouting

After 12 hours

Floor grouting

After 24 hours

Moisture resistance

Very good




Ready to use, white acrylic tile adhesive, in paste form.
Provides high bonding strength and flexibility. It presents zero vertical slip, high resistance to vibrations and shocks, as well as intense expansions and contractions. It is ideal for patch work and minor repairs, due to its simple and quick implementation.
Classified D2TE per EN 12004.


DUROSTICK No37 is suitable for installing ceramic tiles, artificial decorative bricks, insulation and soundproofing panels on surfaces of concrete, plaster, drywall, cement board, wood, and sound oil paint, as well as chipboard. Suitable for bonding ceramic tiles in damp locations such as bathrooms, wc and kitchens. It is necessary for installing tiles that have been detached and it was not possible to remove the existing adhesive.
Necessary for tile installations on wooden lofts and partitions, kitchen walls and countertops. Use it on outdoor and indoor walls and floors.
When using a regular cementitious adhesive (C1 or C1T class), for low absorbency tile installation, ensure unbreakable bonding with the substrate, by coating the back of the tiles with No37. Adding 1kg of No37, per 25kg of cementitious adhesive, increases its adhesive strength, flexibility and grip.


Apply as is to dry, sound, solid substrates, free of dust, loose materials, oil, grease and paint.
Spread the adhesive evenly, using a 3-5mm notched trowel, and install the tiles within 20 minutes, thus avoiding skin formation.
If working with either, low absorbtio tiles and/or substrates, coat both surfaces with the paste and install after allowing the adhesive to set for about 10 minutes.


• Surfaces that were lined using No37, should be delivered to use after 3-7 days, depending on the moisture of the premises.
• For sound installations, it is necessary for the one of the two surfaces to be absorbent, to some degree.
• Highly absorbent surfaces, such as aircrete and drywall, have to be primed using the micromolar stabilizer, AQUAFIX of DUROSTICK.


The cured product remains unaffected even after its exposure to water for several days.


Clean all tools, equipment, containers and tiles while the adhesive is still fresh. When cured, clean only by mechanical means.


1-1.5kg/m², depending on the size of the notch of the trowel, the smoothness of the surface and dimensions of the tiles.


Store in tightly closed containers, in places protected from frost for at least 18 months after production date.


The product does not need any hazard labeling, under current European and national legislation. However, it is recommended to keep away from reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice and show the container or label. Before use, read the cautions on the product packaging or the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Carton box with 12 pcs. of 1kg each one
5kg container
Mini barrel of 30kg