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In DUROSTICK we are aware we are under moral and social responsibility to care for and continuously improve the living and working environment as well as the safety and hygienic conditions on working plateaus of the company. Also, we make sure that we produce and market user-friendly and environmentally safe products.

shows great concern in environmental issues. This is evident to its introduction of a wide range of environmentally friendly products (VOC free ones, biodegradable ones, etc.)

The installation of new and the upgrading of older equipment with advanced filtering systems not only prevents the dispersion of production waste into the atmosphere but also re-processes production waste to new product, virtually eliminating pollutants and waste in all.

Extensive use of recycled materials packaging solutions is common practice of the company for several years, and a conscious strategic choice to the direction of protecting the planet's natural resources.

DUROSTICK thanks all of you who have contributed to our growth to this day and will continue to do so in the future to the mutual benefit of us all. It is our promise that the continuous improvement of our products and solutions we provide, our constant focus on the needs of partners and end-users of our products was, is and will always be our non-negotiable goal.