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DUROSTICK puts great importance with the human factor. It is our belief that all our people are able and willing to contribute to their job responsibilities with their utmost effort and full potential as great achievers as they are! Our efforts are always to the direction of assisting anyone needs assistance in achieving their personal and company goals. Evaluation of results is always a fair play with DUROSTICK. We always focus on these actions and practices that add value to the company and its products continuously improving our USPs (Unique Selling Proposal) to the market. We believe that our employees (more than 300) and our business partners (over 3000) are all members of one organization. The DUROSTICK organization!!! We remunerate the employees of the company with salaries exceeding those of Union Bargaining and on top of that we offer a great deal of fringe benefits. The reason to do so is we aim at selecting the best achievers in the market. Through fair evaluation we have managed through the years to have a very much competitive human force which offers us the pleasure and the opportunity to gaze at our future with hope and optimism.

We learn from our successes and failures!

We provide our partners with quality products and value at competitive prices. We support our trade relations with bellow the line sales promotion initiatives (direct advertising (print), sample applications of various products, display stands, technical seminars, technical advice and support, retail expertise teaching, etc.), as well as above the line promotion and advertising in mass media.